Mat Perkins, the singer songwriter who’s touching people’s hearts. This may be the first time you hear of him, but everyone he meets listens to his songs and lyrics with great attention. Since September 1st 2013, he’s been on the road crossing Canada and the United States, composing new songs and getting ready to launch his first solo EP. Playing music since the age of 12, he’s been through different genres and had different idols but his songwriting is today inspired by bands and singers such as The Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel, Brandon Flowers and Supertramp just to name a few.

Since on the road, Mat has done open stages in cities along the way but has especially enjoyed playing for private groups and people he meets on the road as he loves hearing people’s stories and experiences.

Observe the world; compose music. This is Mat’s fundamental process. His songs are born from listening to his friends’ good and bad adventures; observing strangers interact; seeing people in constant search of happiness; and from his very own experiences, mistakes and lessons.

His most recent work has been score writing for the teaser of a feature film as well as composing music for short films. Stay tuned for his upcoming music videos filmed in California with cinematographer Alberto De Jesus.